Apples! Apples! Apples! (at Strawberry Hill Farm)

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My favorite fall activity is apple picking! When we were little, my father took my brother, sister and I to Strawberry Hill Farm almost every September and October weekend for years. We didn’t just pick a few… nope. We picked the entire orchard. Every. Single. Time. Come Halloween we never wanted to see another apple, but by Valentines day we wanted apples and at this point were apple snobs and refused the “store” kind and then couldn’t wait for the next season! Now that we have our own little people in the family we’re continuing the Strawberry Hill tradition (just not each weekend, we need to pace ourselves! 🙂 )

The other week we went with the next generation and some friends who had never been to the orchard before. It’s so much fun to see them run around, climb the trees and have rotten apple throwing contests, the same way we did as kids!

LindsyKielyPhotography01 LindsyKielyPhotography02

LindsyKielyPhotography03 LindsyKielyPhotography04

LindsyKielyPhotography05 LindsyKielyPhotography07

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Fall Fun! in Bridgewater, NJ

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I met up with these little cute little besties for a Fall Fun photo shoot at Duke Island Park in Bridgewater, NJ earlier this month. We had a short lived tea party where we ate lots of apples and jammie dodgers, then moved onto a rose “sweeping” session. We ended the afternoon with some photos with mom and dad and then raced over to the playground to get rid of even more energy!

Photographing energetic toddlers is my absolute favorite thing to do since I get to be as goofy as I want! (just an fyi – I can jump like a monkey and run like a crab without breaking my leg!) I like to have a loose plan in place when on location to always have something to draw the girls attention to and warm them up a bit. Fresh seasonal flowers are also my favorite prop to incorporate because even if (when) the flowers are destroyed, they still look pretty! The main focus of my sessions is not as you might think to take great photos (which is a given!), but to make the kids happy! Once they’re comfortable and entertained the the job is easy! At the end of the shoot, to try and avoid the “fun’s over meltdown,” I draw them back in by grabbing mom and dad for some family photos and all of us slowly walk back to the car where it’s usually time to pass out in the carseat! Score for everyone! 🙂

It is such a privilege to watch these two grow up over the past few years and even more incredible to see a their friendship grow!

Happy viewing! 🙂


lindsykielyphotography4 lindsykielyphotography5

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and so the chapter continues…

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The first week of this new adventure started with intensive training classes which were offered for free! (giddy dancing!) I never would have known about them, let alone had a chance to take the classes if I hadn’t had the courage to leave my job. The classes were hosted by different photographers and marketing experts and were only free if attending the live broadcast.

Once the classes were finished I had a pile of notes and even more ambition, (with some added direction) than when I started. The biggest challenge at this point was to stay focused. Start at the beginning, then take one step at a time. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There are so many ways to approach each aspect of a business, made equally challenging with ideas popping up left right and center! It’s all very easy to unintentionally segue into something entirely different! (maybe it’s too much added direction!)

So what to do about it?

The pomodoro technique! I’m terrible with this right now, but I have been getting better and will continue to improve. Pretty much you just need to block off about 25 minutes of time, then allow a short (about 5 minutes) break. It sounds simple, but it definitely isn’t. Timers are a girls best friend! The second thing is a strict written plan. I was leaving it loose for awhile, but it is way too easy to drift off into something ineffective and accidentally get lost into a project. For hours. The third best thing is to sit down at the end of each week and discuss with someone (I use my husband) how the week went and decide how to schedule the next week. It’s very important to hold yourself accountable and having another person who supports what you are doing and being able to discuss things helps to get out of your head a little bit. It helps you to understand that things are going better than you realize!

I’ll leave you for now and come back for part three soon! This one took much longer than I anticipated! 🙂

A very happy 2016 to you all! 🙂




Chapter Three. Or chapter one million (life is too short to keep track)

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I quit my steady job. What?! Wow.

I have wanted to do this for so long and then one day, I couldn’t face going back into that office. What was supposed to be a TEMPORARY solution until we were on our feet after a move back to New Jersey turned into a quasi-career. I was promoted, received multiple raises and given more and more responsibility. I hadn’t picked up my camera for weeks, sometimes months on end. I was increasingly frustrated and couldn’t understand why. All of a sudden one little thing happened and that was it. I called my husband from the office crying and said I just can’t do it anymore. I really, really need to get out. “So quit. Right. Now.” was his reply. Rational, worrying me thought how could I do that? I mean, really – HOW? I couldn’t just leave right then and there, could I? It was apparent that this job was taking a toll on my marriage and other relationships, of which I was completely unaware. We hung up the phone and with complete trust in my husband, I typed my resignation letter and handed it in the next morning.

I gave a month – A MONTH! notice.

I thought that was a lot of time, but felt it was the best thing to do. Within that month I stopped. I stopped giving myself away for free. I stopped working late and not taking lunches. I stopped feeling bad for things which I never should have felt bad for in the first place. I just stopped. It was liberating! My last day I wasn’t afraid for the future and I had absolutely no regrets. I wasn’t even worried about money. Who cares? It’s just money. Fortunately we’ve been saving and planning for years, so basic needs like food and electric can be met! I would never recommend someone do this all willy nilly without emotional and financial security. That’s just me though, I’m a worrier. I’m also scared. I get inside my head and psyche myself out.

Not this time.

The first thing I did was start exercising more. Not that I didn’t before, but I took it up a few notches. It helped my focus and self esteem. I continued to leave the house early in the morning and went to classes which kept a good routine. I met up with friends who I unintentionally stopped seeing since I put so much of myself into a job which I wasn’t happy doing. I went to a driving range. A driving range! I highly recommend this for anyone! It was a blast! I was horrible (I broke that wall between the green squares with the club) it was wonderful! I replanted my balcony garden for the fall, carved pumpkins, started meditating and made new friends. I laughed. I laughed out loud, harder than I had in years. That surprised me and made me sad and seriously angry with myself. I let everything go. I spent more time with my grandmother, my family and my friends.

Seeing as this seems like it is going to be a really long post, I’ll continue on for part two, possibly even three!

Stay tuned!

xx Lindsy




Look out world, here I come!

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I’m not exactly sure how hard I should be on myself about my lack of posting. A great friend of mine generously made this blog for me back in June and now it is October and I’m just now making post number two! How’s that for a thank you! (Thank you so much Andrew!!! xoxo)

So the big news with Lindsy Kiely Photography is that after wrestling with the fear of leaving the day job with the reliable paycheck, I have finally made the leap to 100% children’s photographer! I could never be doings this without the support and encouragement from my husband (Superhuz!) and I am so excited to have finally made this decision. It just so happens that the first week of my new life started with Beate Chelette and her PhotoBiz Bootcamp and the CreativeLive team had amazing photographers giving marketing and business lessons during Photo Week 2015. The entire week was beyond informative and left me inspired with far too many ideas to put into place. It was excellent! I don’t believe that these classes with the business foundations began at this time by coincidence. God has his own plan as to how he wants my life to be and it is completely within my power to turn my dreams into a reality. I wonder how many other people have the same challenges when it comes to the foundation work. Let me know! We can meet up and talk through the struggles together! Especially with social media, it’s so challenging! Although I’m sure the more I do it, the easier it will get!

During the past few weeks I had a chance to learn what my dog does all day too… which is to completely unmake the bed and curl up under the blankets, butt on my pillow. I guess she loves me more. (FYI, I change my pillowcases every day now) The second week, she took to sitting on my lap while I’m working on the computer; normally I wouldn’t mind, but she weighs 45lbs and it’s hard to see around her when she’s standing. This past week she’s been moping due to all of the rain we’ve had, so hopefully this week she might give me 3 hour windows before trying to jump on my lap!

I’ve also done two “Fall Fun!” photoshoots which will be up on the blog in the coming days. You can see a few snippets on the Facebook page, then make sure you’re back here to read all about them!

And finally! Superhuz and I will be in Woodbury, NJ for the “Rock the Woo” festival on October 17th selling fine art and dancing away to the bands! It should be a great weekend so come by and check out our stand!

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The Jones Family

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I met Tobi when I first came back to New Jersey. She is one of those people who radiate happiness, even through her wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor! When she found out that she was going to have a baby I asked if I could take her photos. She came to my home studio with Marc, her equally amazing and talented husband, and we had a blast taking beautiful photos of the two of them.

Jones0024 Jones0043

Jones0058 Jones0007


Nine months later comes Logan to steal the show! He is hands down, the most laid back little dude ever! We started the shoot in the park and then later had the opportunity to spend some time in their home. I think a home shoot is the best place for newborn photos – it’s already a big change being new parents, the last thing you want to do before a shoot is worrying about any essentials for the trip!

IMG_5692 IMG_5724

IMG_5737 IMG_5621 IMG_5627

Recently we did Logan’s first birthday shoot in the studio. He definitely was not sure about the cake, let alone being able to get covered in icing! The balloons are always a big hit with toddlers and one of my favorite props. I also am in love with the matching Nikes! How cute is that! Marc and Tobi are amazing parents and I’m happy to say great friends! I’m honored to have the opportunity to see Logan grow to become this amazing kid! Time really is flying by and I hope he keeps that awesome head of hair!

Jones2015_lkiely28 Jones2015_lkiely3

Jones2015_lkiely18 Jones2015_lkiely16

Jones2015_lkiely25   Jones2015_lkiely9