Look out world, here I come!

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I’m not exactly sure how hard I should be on myself about my lack of posting. A great friend of mine generously made this blog for me back in June and now it is October and I’m just now making post number two! How’s that for a thank you! (Thank you so much Andrew!!! xoxo)

So the big news with Lindsy Kiely Photography is that after wrestling with the fear of leaving the day job with the reliable paycheck, I have finally made the leap to 100% children’s photographer! I could never be doings this without the support and encouragement from my husband (Superhuz!) and I am so excited to have finally made this decision. It just so happens that the first week of my new life started with Beate Chelette and her PhotoBiz Bootcamp and the CreativeLive team had amazing photographers giving marketing and business lessons during Photo Week 2015. The entire week was beyond informative and left me inspired with far too many ideas to put into place. It was excellent! I don’t believe that these classes with the business foundations began at this time by coincidence. God has his own plan as to how he wants my life to be and it is completely within my power to turn my dreams into a reality. I wonder how many other people have the same challenges when it comes to the foundation work. Let me know! We can meet up and talk through the struggles together! Especially with social media, it’s so challenging! Although I’m sure the more I do it, the easier it will get!

During the past few weeks I had a chance to learn what my dog does all day too… which is to completely unmake the bed and curl up under the blankets, butt on my pillow. I guess she loves me more. (FYI, I change my pillowcases every day now) The second week, she took to sitting on my lap while I’m working on the computer; normally I wouldn’t mind, but she weighs 45lbs and it’s hard to see around her when she’s standing. This past week she’s been moping due to all of the rain we’ve had, so hopefully this week she might give me 3 hour windows before trying to jump on my lap!

I’ve also done two “Fall Fun!” photoshoots which will be up on the blog in the coming days. You can see a few snippets on the Facebook page, then make sure you’re back here to read all about them!

And finally! Superhuz and I will be in Woodbury, NJ for the “Rock the Woo” festival on October 17th selling fine art and dancing away to the bands! It should be a great weekend so come by and check out our stand!

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