Apples! Apples! Apples! (at Strawberry Hill Farm)

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My favorite fall activity is apple picking! When we were little, my father took my brother, sister and I to Strawberry Hill Farm almost every September and October weekend for years. We didn’t just pick a few… nope. We picked the entire orchard. Every. Single. Time. Come Halloween we never wanted to see another apple, but by Valentines day we wanted apples and at this point were apple snobs and refused the “store” kind and then couldn’t wait for the next season! Now that we have our own little people in the family we’re continuing the Strawberry Hill tradition (just not each weekend, we need to pace ourselves! 🙂 )

The other week we went with the next generation and some friends who had never been to the orchard before. It’s so much fun to see them run around, climb the trees and have rotten apple throwing contests, the same way we did as kids!

LindsyKielyPhotography01 LindsyKielyPhotography02

LindsyKielyPhotography03 LindsyKielyPhotography04

LindsyKielyPhotography05 LindsyKielyPhotography07

LindsyKielyPhotography08 LindsyKielyPhotography10

LindsyKielyPhotography15 LindsyKielyPhotography20

LindsyKielyPhotography22 LindsyKielyPhotography31

LindsyKielyPhotography34 LindsyKielyPhotography37

nLindsyKielyPhotography40 mLindsyKielyPhotography23



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