and so the chapter continues…

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The first week of this new adventure started with intensive training classes which were offered for free! (giddy dancing!) I never would have known about them, let alone had a chance to take the classes if I hadn’t had the courage to leave my job. The classes were hosted by different photographers and marketing experts and were only free if attending the live broadcast.

Once the classes were finished I had a pile of notes and even more ambition, (with some added direction) than when I started. The biggest challenge at this point was to stay focused. Start at the beginning, then take one step at a time. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. There are so many ways to approach each aspect of a business, made equally challenging with ideas popping up left right and center! It’s all very easy to unintentionally segue into something entirely different! (maybe it’s too much added direction!)

So what to do about it?

The pomodoro technique! I’m terrible with this right now, but I have been getting better and will continue to improve. Pretty much you just need to block off about 25 minutes of time, then allow a short (about 5 minutes) break. It sounds simple, but it definitely isn’t. Timers are a girls best friend! The second thing is a strict written plan. I was leaving it loose for awhile, but it is way too easy to drift off into something ineffective and accidentally get lost into a project. For hours. The third best thing is to sit down at the end of each week and discuss with someone (I use my husband) how the week went and decide how to schedule the next week. It’s very important to hold yourself accountable and having another person who supports what you are doing and being able to discuss things helps to get out of your head a little bit. It helps you to understand that things are going better than you realize!

I’ll leave you for now and come back for part three soon! This one took much longer than I anticipated! 🙂

A very happy 2016 to you all! 🙂





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